Friday, January 29, 2010

Girl Detective #17 En Garde

All the "action" of the story centers around fencing, which makes this book a bit lackluster. But there was a WTF moment towards the end (*spoiler alert*) - one of the girls gets scratched on the face during a fencing meet with a saber that has allegedly been laced with strychnine. Nancy runs up and says that they must get her stomach pumped immediately! Sorry to say, that's not going to do much good since she didn't ingest the poison....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Files #112 For Love or Money

In the last few Files I have read, Nancy is solving mysteries on behalf of some super wealthy patrons - what ever happened to helping out the poor and downtrodden? Mostly this gimmick is used to describe the opulent mansions and lifestyles of her clients, which would appeal to the target teenage audience of the Files. So far Nancy has helped a famous Hollywood director (Files #120), a Long Island heiress (Files #118) and in this story, a software magnate.

The artwork to the left by Cliff Miller was commissioned for this title (#112) but was superceded by a photo cover from the Canadian Nancy Drew TV series, which premiered around the time this book was released (Dec 1995). The published cover featured a generic photo of Bess, Nancy and George with flashlights. George does not even appear in this story, so the cover really has no relevance at all. I much prefer Miller's cover featuring Nancy flirting with the rich and handsome Philip Pierce.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

File #120 Dangerous Loves

Nancy and George live the lifetsyles of the rich and famous in Hollywood for this adventure. They go undercover as extras on the set of the movie Dangerous Loves, set in the 1940's around the time of the end of World War II. I kept imagining Tandy Nancy in one of her smart suits during these scenes.

Spoiler Alert
In an unusual twist, Nancy is attracted to the guy who ends up being the perpetrator, and even has a romantic moment with him, complete with smooching. It must be the first instance of our favorite sleuth kissing the bad guy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

File #16 Never Say Die

In this case, George is a contender in an international track cycling competition. She attempts to befriend a Soviet cyclist, but is dissuaded from further contact by the girl's KGB chaperones, who do not want her to have any Western contacts. This book was published in 1987, when glasnost was apparently not yet in full swing. It was funny to see Nancy & George come up against an international organization of that magnitude.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Clue Crew #2 Scream for Ice Cream

Little Nancy, Bess and George invent a new flavor of ice cream for "Jim and Barry's" shop (a veiled reference to Ben & Jerry's). Their flavor is called Clue-berry and consists of "vanilla ice cream loaded with blueberries and a secret surprise - like a big juicy strawberry at the bottom." There are also clues on the container to try and figure out what surprise. Sounds like something that could easily be duplicated for a Nancy Drew party.

Ambitious Plans

Due to some unexpected time off from work, I decided to embark on a Nancy Drew project to fill the time. I am in possession of many Nancys from my collection which, I am ashamed to admit, I have never read. In an attempt to rectify this situation, I decided to read a Nancy Drew book every day, just to see if I could. I started on January 1st - think of this as a warped kind of New Year's resolution! I know I probably won't be able to keep it up once I return to work, but it'll be fun for a while.

It is now January 16th and so far I have managed to read at least one Nancy every day (I even read two on a couple of days). Mostly they have been volumes from the Girl Detective and Files series. I decided I would like to post some comments or funny moments from these stories, thus the genesis for this blog.