Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Files #112 For Love or Money

In the last few Files I have read, Nancy is solving mysteries on behalf of some super wealthy patrons - what ever happened to helping out the poor and downtrodden? Mostly this gimmick is used to describe the opulent mansions and lifestyles of her clients, which would appeal to the target teenage audience of the Files. So far Nancy has helped a famous Hollywood director (Files #120), a Long Island heiress (Files #118) and in this story, a software magnate.

The artwork to the left by Cliff Miller was commissioned for this title (#112) but was superceded by a photo cover from the Canadian Nancy Drew TV series, which premiered around the time this book was released (Dec 1995). The published cover featured a generic photo of Bess, Nancy and George with flashlights. George does not even appear in this story, so the cover really has no relevance at all. I much prefer Miller's cover featuring Nancy flirting with the rich and handsome Philip Pierce.

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